We would be delighted to arrange a personal tour of Monarch Preschool, Monarch Day School, and Monarch Boarding Academy, located in Cleveland, Ohio. During your visit, you will experience our philosophy, meet our staff, and witness first-hand a day in the life at Monarch Center for Autism.

Monarch Preschool

For more information and to schedule a visit please call 216.320.8945

  • Program Overview
  • Ages 3 to 6 years (children younger than 3 years of age considered upon request and evaluation)
  • Suspected or confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

We recognize how difficult it can be to receive an autism diagnosis for your child. Thanks to our many years of experience, we  know first-hand how important and beneficial early childhood education is for children with autism. To help determine if Monarch Preschool is the best option for your child, we use a comprehensive admission process that includes:

  • Families are invited to tour our facility.
  • We conduct a thorough review of all referral information.
  • Our clinical team will meet with the prospective child and parents/guardians, as well as potentially observe the child at home, in a therapy session or at school.
  • Families are introduced to our Parent Network.

Monarch School

For more information and to schedule a visit please call 216.320.8945

We observe the following intake procedures:

  • Families and school district personnel visit the school and tour the facility to determine if it’s a good fit for the child
  • Member(s) of the treatment team meet the child either at Monarch and/or at the child’s home or current educational setting
  • Members of the treatment team review the child’s IEPs, MFEs, Progress Reports and other relevant documentation
  • Members of the treatment team work with the family to determine whether a Monarch placement would be beneficial to the child
  • If placement is approved, an IEP is developed to support the child at Monarch School


Monarch Autism Virtual Program

For more information please call 216-320-8945 or email 

  • Program Overview
  • Ages 5 through 21 years
  • Confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder


We observe the following intake procedures:

  • Please contact Director, Debra Mandell at 216-320-8945 or to request a copy of Monarch Autism Virtual Program's Student Application, which should be submitted with the child's most recent IEP, ISP, ETR, Behavior Plan, and/or Progress Report.
  • Members of the Treatment/Admissions Team will review the child's Application and documentation, and if they feel the student would benefit from the Virtual Autism Program, they will contact the family to schedule several Zooms - one with the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and another with the child.
  • All parties will discuss whether a placement is appropriate for the child.
  • If the placement is approved, a start date will be determined, followed by an Initial Remote Learning Plan, Assessments, and the development of an IEP or ISP.

Monarch Boarding Academy (MBA)

For more information please contact 216.320.8502 or 800.879.2522 or  

  • Program Overview 
  • Ages 8 through 20 years
  • Confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (dual-diagnoses accepted)


What to expect during the referral process:

We want to ensure we are the right program for your child and the best placement option. The process is individualized based on the complex needs of each student.

Referral documents recommended for our Intake Team to review:

  • IEP and any additional educational evaluations
  • Neuropsychological, Psychological, and Psychiatric reports
  • Evaluations from any related services, such as Speech or OT
  • Behavioral plan and data
  • Medical and medication information
  • Video clips of child
  • Other relevant reports or evaluations

 Step 1: An Intake Specialist will contact you confirming receipt of referral and will begin reviewing any documents received.

Step 2: Monarch Center for Autism's clinical team will review documentation and identify any additional information that is needed.

Step 3: Your Intake Specialist may conduct a phone interview with current and past providers, including school personnel. At times, a skype interview with the student is recommended.

Step 4: Once funding is confirmed, our clinical team may travel to complete an in-person assessment at the student's current school and residence.

Step 5: We recommend that parents and other agences involved tour Monach Center for Autism. A tour will be organized by your Intake Specialist.

Step 6: A formal decision regarding acceptance into the program is made and communicated via telephone or email.

Step 7: A date will be offered once an opening is identified. Enrollments are based on appropriate openings for your student, both in the classroom and residential settings.  

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