Monarch Center for Autism Cleveland Ohio

Monarch Adult Autism Program (MAAP)

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Monarch Adult Autism Program (MAAP) is an individualized vocational, habilitation and recreational program for adults ages 18 and older with Autism Spectrum Disorders, who are no longer in high school. The program, which incorporates Monarch's evidenced-based model, combines concept-driven language with visual supports and technology, to maximize independence.


All staff are degreed and trained to work with consumers with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other low incidence disabilities. The program maintains high staff to consumer ratios.

Unique Environment

MAAP's facility was designed to appease the sensory needs of its consumers. A soft color palette, gentle lighting, room size/layout, and a sensory room, contribute to the calming environment.


MAAP operates 12 months a year, 5 days a week, from 9am to 2pm. Transportation is available to consumers.

Pre-Vocational & Vocational Habilitation

Consumers receive pre-vocational training and support related to following directions, attending to task, task completion, problem solving, safety, and adjusting to workplace productivity and social demands. In addition, staff help consumers identify job interests, assess work quality and quantity abilities, and develop job skills. Consumers participate in vocational experiences and develop the skills, confidence and self-esteem required to achieve successful employment.

The Soap Shop

MAAP's on-site Soap Shop offers a meaningful vocational experience for individuals with autism. With guidance from staff, consumers oversee all aspects of manufacturing soaps, lotions and other items, from product development to marketing, packaging and sales.

Daily Functional Living Skills

Consumers engage in age-appropriate activities, which promote interpersonal skills, self care, schedule and responsibility management, functional communication, financial management, fitness, nutrition, and meal preparation.

Social & Recreational Opportunities

Consumers are afforded opportunities on-site and in the community to interact with peers and participate in recreational, social and volunteer experiences.

Additional Information

For more information about MAAP, please contact 216.320.8502 or 800.879.2522 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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