Monarch Center for Autism Cleveland Ohio

Medicaid Waivers for Individuals with Autism

Ongoing residential or supported living funds are frequently provided through a Medicaid waiver252. “A waiver is one way that Medicaid enables an individual with mental retardation, developmental disabilities or significant health care needs to live at home or in the community. While some eligibility requirements are ‘waived’ for these programs, the individual must require a protective level of care related to daily living skills or skilled medical care. The financial criteria is based only on the income of the individual.” (Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center). These waivers, also known as Home and Community Based Services Waiver, administered through the local county MRDD allow a person to get services that are not normally covered under the state’s Medicaid plan.

Ohio Department of Mental Retardation Developmental Disability Medicaid Waivers

Eligibility for Waivers

Entitlement vs. Eligibility

Level of Service Assessments



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